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  • Jessica Erler

There is something else about building a self-led life, wealth and business

In the past year, I have been working on my foundation around trust and cultivating safety within my body so my outside circumstances don't have power over how I feel

So everything else is a bonus to my already existent happiness, health and abundance and not the source or reason for it

If you choose to live life by the heart, trust is the main muscle to work on and it does not come naturally when you have lived your whole life following other people's steps and guidelines

There is something else about building a self-led life, wealth and business

There is something else about being open to the unknown without the need to control it because you trust

I see a lot of people's motivation behind building a wealthy legacy as a reason to feel safe and free and when they get there they still struggle with anxiety and fear of losing it all

That's because they haven't cultivated the safety within their bodies that they are safe without money so they focused on every single thing to make sure they always have it... I would not call that freedom

Or their reason is to feel good enough and validated so they feel that the money they make is never enough and they are constantly chasing more

I see a lot of fear-based beliefs driving people into action to make more money and when the money does not show up consistently they freak out... I call that outsourcing power

You did not come to life to build wealth so you would be safe, free and good enough

You came to life to be authentically you and have wealth as a result of that...

The unconscious reason driving you to build wealth dictates how you're going to feel when you achieve it...

If it is safety that you look for - cultivate safety within the body

If it's freedom, cultivate freedom

If it's to feel good enough, be accepting that you're good enough now

Otherwise, the empty feeling on the inside will never be filled and money will never be enough

In my confidence immersive we work on cultivating trust and safety within the body so your mind and nervous system can relax and you can enjoy the abundance of the legacy you're creating... perhaps, that's the whole point right?!

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Jessica Erler is an international master healer and intuitive coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for success and impact.

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- Jessica Erler -
Master Healer for Leaders

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