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  • Jessica Erler

5 steps to overcome the rejection wound and a create thriving relationship and career/business.

Updated: May 29

We all have felt rejection at some point in our lives, but for some people, the rejection wound is something that needs to be overcomed otherwise they will never have a thriving love relationship and business.

Relationships and career/business are the biggest mirrors of our internal belief system and the way we see ourselves. When people don't behave in the way we expect (all the time, every day), it can trigger serious wounds that we have within us.

In this blog post, I want to specifically explore more about the rejection wound and how it shows up in your love relationships and business/career so you can understand the way you feel and finally heal this wound that is so life-consuming.

I won't be getting much into details of how the rejection wound happens as it is different for everyone and one thing I can guarantee: it has served you a purpose. (I talk about this on my podcast episode, how to overcome rejection once and for all.

How is the rejection wound showing up in your love relationships and career/business?

In your relationships:

  • When you feel like an outsider;

  • When you are constantly in comparison;

  • When you create situations to be rejected and then you react with drama;

  • When you often feel that you are not good enough;

  • When you suffer from severe people-pleasing (have a hard time saying no and expressing your needs and wants).

When the rejection wound is triggered in your relationships the main emotions you might feel are anger, jealousy and sadness.

In your business/career:

  • When you have a hard time selling because you are afraid people will say no;

  • When you focus more on “what if people don't buy” instead of focusing on how amazing your services are;

  • When you don’t recognise the value of your work and ask for “that promotion” or a pay rise;

  • When you’re waiting to be seen and validated instead of being proactive just being you;

  • When don’t show up as fully you because you're afraid you will be judged and cancelled by family, friends, your partner, your work colleagues, your boss or your clients;

  • When you care more about what other people think of you than what YOU think of yourself.

When the rejection wound is triggered in your work the main emotions you might feel are fear, resentment, and disappointment.

Which ones resonate with you the most? Maybe a few, maybe all of them. This is not a reason to beat yourself up and feel overwhelmed but a moment to realise that there is space for healing and growth that will take you on a journey to meet the most empowered version of you which is yet to come. Isn't that exciting?!

The first step to help you heal the rejection wound is to be aware that you have it. Below I will suggest 4 more steps that will help you raise awareness and have more control over your "reactions" and turn them around in your favor.

1) List 3 situations that trigger your rejection wound. What happens next? And next?

2) What do you feel? (It's important that you name the feeling). Where in your body are those feelings accommodated?

3) Talk to your inner child. Begin to witness the part of you that is feeling the emotions and reassure her that she is safe and okay.

4) How has the rejection wound served you? If there was one thing that this wound has helped you in a positive way with, what would that be?

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself!

I hope this helps you just like it helped me and my clients, If you're looking for close support in overcoming your rejection wound and turning it into gold so you can have a thriving relationship and successful career/business you love, know more about how we can work together HERE.

Also, listen to how to overcome rejection once and for all to help you integrate what you have just read.

with Love,




Jessica Erler is an international master healer and energy coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their personal and professional growth.

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