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 Jessica's signature coaching is for the heart-led woman ready to break cycles and rise in her leadership for life, career and business success.

With a mix of intuitive coaching, mindset and energy healing, we dive deep to break cycles, release unconscious insecurities and old energies so you can activate your high-value leadership from the inside out, enhance your emotional intelligence and embody your genius to create higher levels of soul-led success as a woman, leader and entrepreneur.

This experience will be a turning point in your life, career & business.

Get ready to raise your standards, lead like never before and amplify your receiving channels.


This is for you if you desire to:

+ Lead with confidence - lead, sell, create impact and have a remarkable influence.

+ Communicate with conviction - let your powerful work and leadership be a channel for change.

+ Make peace with money - create a state of safety and trust with money and design your own financial experience.


+ Enhance your emotional awareness - have the emotional intelligence to navigate challenges and make decisions.

+ Deepen your self-belief - have what it takes to bring your life, career and business visions into physical form.

+ Heighten your intuitive superpowers - go beyond your mind's limitations and make moves from deep inner knowing.

Customise your Experience

Up to 10 private sessions and weekly personalised energy healings. 

Choose from video coaching calls or Telegram coaching days.


Get started with 3-month coaching

$12,000 (AUD)

Payment plans available.

+ Jessica's signature energy healing - uplevel your energetic state in real-time by releasing unconscious energies and programming.

These healings are remote and will alone cut and release past energetic cords, attachments and old patterns, opening up your energy field to receiving and deepening your confidence for success.


Contact Jessica directly via TELEGRAM or EMAIL to apply. 


testimonial jessica erler
testimonial jessica erler
testimonial jessica erler

"Jessica expanded me.

I was feeling small regarding my relationships and professional life.

 This experience has transformed my self-esteem and helped me to position myself as a leader in my field, have clear boundaries and communicate my aspirations effectively. In a short time, I gained clarity, had a huge monetary increase and felt much happier. Jessica's work is deep and has made a huge difference in my life and career. I am forever grateful."

- J, Brazil

"Jessica guided me to shift and release deep-rooted emotions, which created a major shift in my energy and mindset that gave me back my confidence, self-love and inner peace, even more than I had before. I felt a powerful change in myself and my surroundings.  I felt strong in my own skin. This is exactly what I needed, even more than I had expected. I desired something greater and deeper and this experience with Jessica gave me just that. I'm very thankful, more than I can express in words."

- A, Netherlands

"My experience with Jessica was amazing, it felt like 10 years of work in a session and it surpassed any expectations I had. I greatly improved my communication skills and self-confidence and this positively reflected in my life, career and relationships. I recommend it to anyone."

- L, Netherlands

"I can really trust myself now to be the confident, light and cheerful woman I deserve to be. I feel free like never before and ready to continue my journey! Jessica is pure enlightenment and guidance. She has an amazing personality and her heart is huge!"

- M, Melbourne

"Jessica is an exemplary professional.

In our time together, she helped me to reframe many of the beliefs and old patterns I had, making everything that was once blocking me to be released."


- I, Sydney

"Jessica helped me to heal and overcome my fears. By working with her I reconnected with myself and deep levels of self-love and confidence. I felt empowered to reach my full potential. It’s incredible the work she does and how deeply she cares."

- T, Auckland

- Jessica Erler -
Women's Leadership Coaching

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