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5 Common Success Blocks For Spiritual Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Updated: 2 days ago

Have you ever felt that you were here for big things but you feel as if something was holding you back? There are common success blocks in spiritual entrepreneurship that myself and my clients have encountered in our journeys.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? >>When ideas and opportunities appear you procrastinate and doubt yourself, problems arise, clients disappear, the car breaks down, unexpected expenses, a fight with your partner...

When things start to feel good, something happens (aka self-sabotage)!!

There could be so many things underneath creating those circumstances, but today I want to share with you the common unconscious beliefs that could be stopping you:

5 Common Success Blocks For Spiritual Leaders and Entrepreneurs

1) "To be the first woman in your family to succeed doing the work you love can’t be right”.

You have seen in your family and people around you struggling with work they don't love and living in survival mode, so creating a different reality for yourself can feel wrong when people around you are "struggling". It feels unfair to them.

How to overcome it: Understanding that by being abundant you can do much more for them than when you are unhappy and broke.

2) Loyalty pact with your family.

There could be a loyalty pact with your family, especially if the women in your family did not make much money and had to work really hard for it, so doing things differently than them feels like a betrayal and if loyalty is a value that you have, you won't break that pact.

How to overcome it: By releasing those pacts and vows that could have been carried from past lives, work on people-pleasing traits, personal boundaries and on increasing your self-worth.

3) "Making good money does not feel safe".

If you haven't had much luck with money, bringing more money and abundance can feel like a threat to your body. You can experience high levels of anxiety and your mind will create fears and stories about why is it safer for you to stay where you are.

How to overcome it: By doing nervous system regulation and expanding your capacity to receive more and hold more money, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident with more over time.

4) "To have more in life means you're ungrateful".

Nobody wants to be seen as ungrateful or as a bad person. A lot of us have the belief that is wrong to ask for more and that it means we are not grateful for what we have. Isn't the universe abundant? So it only makes sense for you to be abundant also!

How to overcome it: Despite all the versions of success that exist, create your own version and the core belief: the more you have, the better the world becomes. Who will you be? How will you act? What are your values? Above all: know who you are!

5) "The fear of judgment"

The fear of judgment increases when we want to expand to the next level because we all want to belong and be accepted. Not everybody is doing what it takes for their dreams to come true so when they see somebody succeeding it triggers in them how they feel about themselves and their own life.

How to overcome it: If people want to judge you, let them. Learn to focus your energy on things that will create more good in the world instead of defending yourself from people that are sucked into their own misery.

The path of abundance and success is the path of self-liberation. Your desire to be abundant is your soul craving to be free so then you can do all the things that you came here to do because money won't be an obstacle, but an ally to your wildest dreams.

Love, Jessica


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Jessica Erler is an international master healer and coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their life, career & business success.

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