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  • Jessica Erler

Overcome people-pleasing and unlock your abundance channels.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

People-pleasing traits come from the inability to feel loved by who you really are.

People pleasers are actually big lovers desiring to receive that unconditional love back.

But the inability to feel good enough to be loved as whom you are blocks receiving.

People pleasers became healers, coaches, heart-based entrepreneurs and carers.

They cannot live life like normal people, they've chosen to live by the heart, their truth and their soul.

They overgive, they love loving others and supporting others, and the only challenge is to receive that love back.

And that inability to receive shows up in business, love relationships, family relationships, friendships and so forth.

People pleasers were shaped by a rejection and abandonment wound that could have started in past generations or from experiences in childhood.

Where at some point your system perceived an experience as "you aren’t good enough as who you are” “you need to be perfect to be loved” “you need to beg to be loved” and “you’re different therefore you don’t belong”.

They created their whole life based on that rejection wound, and that is why life, success and love can be so hard and feels like a struggle for some because they unconsciously need to prove themselves that rejection and abandonment story that they told themselves.

That shows up in so many forms.

  • In business, as clients not showing up and paying for the prices you think you deserve or "nobody is interested in what I have to offer."

  • In money, when you feel that love-hate relationship with money, with that feeling of abandonment and safety issues causing you a huge wave of anxiety.

  • In relationships, your partner holds back on you or not supporting you in your dreams.

  • In your family, you’re the go-to person but have nobody to go to when you need that support yourself.

  • In your relationship with self, your become your biggest critic, the need for perfection consumes your soul as if nothing you do is good enough.

overcoming people pleasing

And as painful, shameful and caging as being a people pleaser might sound… This love that you have within yourself to give is also available for you to receive.

In order to receive love, support and money with ease,

In order to feel abundant and deeply supported in your purpose,

In order to feel safe, fulfilled and loved at your core,

You must stop rejecting and hating yourself for who you are and give yourself enough space, love and credit for all that you are by accepting that your uniqueness is what makes you so special.

And above all, by understanding that the validation and recognition do not come from outside sources. It comes from you.

When you turn off your inability to receive and turn on I am deserving of receiving it all… everything changes!

Is when your heart aligns with your mind,

Is when the ease, freedom and love you wish to feel and experience in life and business can be here and now, in the present.

The key to healing your people-pleaser traits is by turning on your ability to receive whatever you desire by being who you fully are in the now.

Without the need to be fixed, improved or changed.

Is when you finally switch the perception of who you thought you were to who you really are and who you choose to be.


Love & Wealth,

Jessica Erler.

To know more about how to personally work with me, check my healing immersions HERE.



Jessica Erler is an international master healer and energy coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their personal and professional growth.

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