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  • Jessica Erler

Breaking through the scarcity and suffering in your family lineage.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Are you the one to break through the scarcity and suffering in your family lineage?

Well, how would you know? Let me make this easier for you.

Do you have a big desire to do the work that fulfils you, live in abundance and have more pleasure in your life?

But you always find yourself limited and kept around money, having to work hard or are not able to do the things you truly enjoy?

The women in your family have never been successful in the way they desired or never went for their dreams or they even struggle in abusive and toxic relationships and co-dependency?

And you have been through that path too... but you decided that things will be different for you!

You have big dreams and visions for yourself and the world

You have amazing gifts to share with the world

You want to have your own successful business/career and be financially abundant

You want to be a free woman who is independent and enjoys life on her terms

But it all seems harder for you

breaking through scarcity in your family lineage

You also fear rejection, your self-esteem is not the best, you often self-sabotage, doubt yourself and your relationship with money is on and off

And you wonder how the heck are you going to be successful or feel successful doing the work you love?

It feels so easy for some people so you feel that the universe is holding back on you and it's so unfair!

When your work + money seems hard to happen in the way you desire, it means you're carrying unresolved trauma from your ancestors.

That was me, that was the story of my life...

Until I started doing the healing around survival patterns, beliefs, self-worth, confidence, money stories and what I get to do, be and live in this lifetime. I used to get so mad at life and God because I felt that they were holding back on me You may have times when you feel rejected and abandoned And times when you feel like giving up

But remember, you have made it through the hardest days You have been chosen to dream your dreams You have been chosen to be the one who breaks through the scarcity and suffering in your lineage

You have been chosen to heal your relationship with money, God and yourself! You have also been chosen to be the one who will break through the scarcity and suffering in your lineage...

You've been chosen to be a walking miracle of God's love and abundance on earth God is never holding back from you

God is never making your life harder God is developing your character, your resilience, your persistence, your responsibility to hold more resources, more money... Life is preparing your foundation for what is about to come So gorgeous, persist and keep going... Life is not holding back on you, life is preparing you for all that you are here to be, do and receive.

The path will be shown to you as you walk...

You've been trusted with a mission, it will happen... keep your faith and keep going!

Love, Jessica



Jessica Erler is an international master healer and energy coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their personal and professional growth.

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- Jessica Erler -
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