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  • Jessica Erler

A new identity wants to come through you...

I come across women * daily* who want freedom but are afraid of charging for their work

Women who want to be valued but accept being poorly treated at the workplace and in relationships

Women who want bigger things in life but feel insecure about taking the next step because of fear of not being enough or fear of judgment

The woman you have become in order to survive will not take you to a place where you will thrive

Maybe you had to please people

Maybe you could not express yourself

Maybe your needs were unmet

Maybe you were made feel insecure and unsure about who you were and what you were capable of

Maybe you had no one to tell you how amazing you are

self-confidence for visionaries
The woman you have become in order to survive will not take you to a place where you will thrive

And as much as you are proud of the version you became, of the struggle you've been through and the hard work you have done... this can only take you so far

In order to live a more peaceful, pleasurable, abundant and loving life we need to let go of the pride we carry for the suffering and allow it to stay in the past

You can carry the lessons, the strength, the knowledge and know that, that woman will always have a special place within you but she can't BE you moving forward

Because if you got to the point where your outcomes are just not what you want for your life and you keep repeating patterns...

A new identity is wanting to come through you

A new woman, a new version, an even better version

A woman who knows better, values herself better, has self-compassion, has fun with herself and with life and allows herself to love and be loved unconditionally

If you have new visions but old beliefs the equation won't work

And it's not that there is something wrong with you

There is energetic misalignment and an old mindset

You don't have to be fixed, your old way of thinking and being is what needs to shift

It's a time of rebirth...

A time of endings so new beginnings can occur.

Feel the process, she is coming!

Know more HERE about how I can support you in times of transition.



Jessica Erler is an international master healer and energy coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their personal and professional growth.

Women's Leadership Coaching

- Jessica Erler -
Women's Leadership Coaching

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