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3 steps to transmute scarcity and create more abundance as an energy healer

Updated: 3 days ago

You've been an energy healer for a while and would like to experience abundance in your spiritual business but instead, it feels like you can not get your head above the water and you find yourself always stressed about money? Stick to this post to gain insights on how to transmute scarcity as an energy healer and create more success with your soul's work.

We’ve been told by many manifestation gurus and the law of attraction that we need to get rid of scarcity to manifest abundance, money and wealth into our lives.

So you started with the culture of avoiding scarcity and replacing it with toxic positive thinking and it does not matter what you do, scarcity is always there and at times, it takes over you in the form of fear and anxiety.

So why is it not working?

You're freaking out about your needs, the bills you have to pay, the money that seems to be never enough and focus on all the things you desire and don’t have yet to make you feel happy… And you go into an endless cycle of comparison, feeling hopeless, chasing and feeling like nothing is ever good enough as it is.

You begin to see scarcity as a threat to your dreams and desires. You see scarcity as a villain who wants to take everything away from you and it is blocking your receiving.

But what if instead of seeing scarcity as a threat, you could see scarcity as your teacher…

As a feeling and a list of thoughts that were ready to be liberated and shifted so you could release this gap and void that you feel inside of you.

The gap that is terrifying you and separating you from feeling abundant, fulfilled, wealthy, successful and well.

You must know that scarcity does not come only from you in this lifetime. You also have been carrying the fears, money stories, anxieties, traumas and worries of your ancestors.

You carry the struggle, the suffering, the hard work culture unconsciously, until the day you make the decision that you are going to be the one who will change the story in your lineage and if you are here reading this post, you’ve been chosen to do this work and free yourself and the generations to come to see money, work, wealth and abundance from a different perspective. Congratulations!

As a healer, I had deep scarcity wounds that I had been carrying from past generations such as:

  1. The times when women were burned in the fire for being healers, shamans, etc and offering their work.

  2. Low self-esteem and feeling disempowered with money due to cultural and family beliefs.

  3. Guilt and shame around expressing my desire to make money as a healer and become the first millionaire in my family;

  4. The feeling of being unfair to people in disadvantage who do not have the same opportunity that I have, sabotaging my dreams and financial goals;

  5. Feeling unworthy, undeserving and incapable of financial success;

  6. As a healer, I should charge bananas for my work or even do it for free cause how dare I value my energy and charge thousands for a work that changes lives?! HA! - this one hunted me for months!

Those were only some of the ways that scarcity showed up for me in the form of blockages, thoughts and emotions in my body, that if I did not face it and release it, would have stopped me from my visions and pursuing my desires, plus causing extreme anxiety, frustration, disappointment and fear.

3 steps to heal scarcity and create more abundance as an energy healer

So here are the 3 very helpful steps you can take to make the most of your scarcity and turn it into gold:

1) Imagine that scarcity was a person, what would this person be trying to teach you and show you? In what situations does this teacher show up in your life? How can you learn the lesson and move forward?

2) Become a witness to your scarcity, give scarcity a name and every time she shows up, you identify her and watch her behaviour, watch where is she manifesting in your body, what are her thoughts and feelings, and what does she have to say about you? Become a witness instead of reacting to it… Practice seeing scarcity as a separate energy from you and as someone who wants to help you get what you want instead of taking it away from you.

3) Allow yourself to feel the feelings. Running away from scarcity is going to make her run away after you. You can’t fight scarcity, she will always win, but you can work with it. Stay, face it and release it... Scarcity wants to liberate you to abundance… but you must be willing to feel the feelings and process them.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me and the clients I work with. Grab a journal and get into it.

Dealing with scarcity and all the feelings that come with it can be a complex and long journey that could take years and cause you a lot of stress and suck all of your energy and creativity, so if you would like my support to break through cycles and embody deeper levels of personal power, abundance & success, find out more HERE.


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