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Discover 5 Powerful Energetic Shifts for Success in Leadership and Business in Your 30s

I started an international healing business at age 27, and for the past 4 years, it's been an intense journey of transition, self-discovery, healing and personal growth in the aspects of leadership and business success. The language barrier and limited network were only some of the aspects that made this journey even more interesting for me, this is a topic for another post, now, let's get into it!

Suppose you did not have a role model of career and business success growing up. In that case, it cannot be easy to just succeed naturally because of all the programming you might carry from your family when it comes to money, success, leadership and abundance.

5 Powerful Energetic Shifts for Success in Leadership and Business in Your 30s

There are a lot of unseen and unknown patterns playing out that you only realise when you feel that somehow, it seems harder for you than for other people, at least, that's how it felt for me. A successful career was a deep desire I had but somehow it felt so difficult to achieve.

So in case you feel a similar way, I pointed below 5 aspects to focus on energetically to set yourself up for a life of success as a female leader.

These aspects will set the tone and standards not only for your career but for what you attract in all areas of your life.

1) Know Your Worth: Be sure to know and work on the value you bring to the table

You’re not greedy, too young or too full of yourself, is normal for women in their early 30s to be people-pleasers to get validation from other people. This perpetuates a cycle that translates into a lack of self-value and self-worth and ultimately will reflect in your bank account. There is a difference between being humble, grateful and respectful... that does not mean diminishing your value. Spend some time reflecting on the beliefs you have about yourself, this will work wonders for you.

2) Don’t take things personally

What you see happening outside of you is not a reflection of who you are but a reflection of the way you see yourself... If you have rejection and abandonment wounds, you feel that the world is happening to you instead of for you. Spend some time with your inner child and cheer her up, it's time to do some re-parenting and give to yourself what you wish you had received.

Work on seeing yourself as a superstar and boost that self-esteem baby.

3) Abandon the victim mentality

Having a victim mentality is not gonna get you far because it makes you feel powerless. You can only change what you take responsibility for. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings, work on your defensiveness and in the places where you unconsciously make yourself a victim, that is an opportunity to take your power back and see yourself as a powerful and resourceful woman. Even if that means you gotta work through very uncomfortable emotions such as shame, guilt, failure or not-enoughness… you’re better than this!!

4) Embrace an abundance mindset: You can never lose

Whether that’s money, an opportunity, a person, a client or a job... If something has left you, it means something better it's on your way. Take every opportunity to be either a lesson or a miracle... That’s the mindset girl!! It can only get better, even if at times it feels like the opposite is happening... in moments of hardship it's when your character and foundation it's been built.

5) Transform your money mentality

This can feel a little superficial to a lot of people but believe in the power hidden in your money stories. Money will help you work on the main pillars of your freedom: self-value, self-worth, self-esteem, confidence & emotional regulation. This work is going to shift the way you see your reality in a very positive way.

Explore resources to support your journey and consider personalized coaching to access deeper levels of personal power, magnetism and confidence. Learn more HERE about how my 1:1 coaching can guide you towards high-level leadership and success.


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Jessica Erler is an international master healer and coach who has a unique ability to raise her client's vibrational energy, converting their emotional state, innate gifts and mindset into superpowers for their life, career & business success.

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