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Client Love

"My mentoring sessions with Jess were amazing, I joke that it was 10 years of conventional therapy in one session, it surpassed any expectations I had.

I greatly improved my communication and self-confidence and this reflected positively in my relationships with my family, friends and partner.

I recommend it to anyone. I learned that only when we first love and respect ourselves we can give it to others. Thank you Jess!"

Lia G, Netherlands

"I had a mentoring session with Jessica. I didn't imagine it would bring me so many positive results. 

What I felt and discovered in me was much more intense and beneficial than the several behavioural therapy sessions I've had these past few years. The sense of relief and lightness were results of releasing trapped feelings, rescued from my childhood that I never thought I needed to turn over. Jessica showed me that you can always feel better, we just need to look for it inside ourselves."

Raiane P, Vitoria, Brazil

"I can really trust myself now to be the confident, light and cheerful woman I deserve to be. I feel free like never before and ready to continue my journey, up and up in life! You can also! Ask Jess how! She is pure enlightenment and guidance and has an amazing personality and her heart is huge!!! Thanks always Jess, thank you!"

Mariana R, Melbourne, AUS

“I did the 1:1 mentoring with Jessica. My compassion and confidence have increased.

Jessica is really talented and I am so grateful for the work she does. She helped me on so many levels. Now I can say I AM strong, I AM courageous and I AM compassionate. Now I can clearly see that I HAVE everything I need, I AM everything I want to be."

Mariana M, Wellington, NZ

"My mentoring sessions with Jess were very helpful in my self-development journey. She has incredible energy and at the end of our sessions, I always felt like dancing and celebrating life. Thank you so much for helping me to continue following my dreams and standing up for what I really deserve. Sending you lots of love and I hope you can help many other women to reach their goals."

Lilian L, Sydney, AUS

"Women, you need to do the 1:1 mentoring with this Goddess!

She was born for this, it has transformed me, awakened me, made me a better version of myself.

She made me believe in myself, that I could do it and that the best would come at the right time. I recommend it with your eyes closed!

Thank you for being a light."

Priscila C, Queenstown, NZ

"I had just come out of a toxic relationship myself and wasn’t in a great headspace. It was when Jess offered Reiki sessions seeing I needed some support and it truly was an amazing experience. It’s hard to describe but this helped me start to turn the corner I hadn’t been able to turn myself for well over a year. This experience redirected my mind and body back in the right direction. Jess is a very kind-hearted genuine caring soul and really has your best interest at heart. I highly recommend her if you’re stuck mentally or just need some help to head back in the right direction in life."

Richard B, Auckland, NZ

"Three months ago I was in a dark place, feeling constantly anxious. Jess came into my life helping me to heal my scars and overcome my fears. With the mentoring sessions, I learnt how to connect with my inner self, improved my self-love, confidence and felt empowered to be my full potential. It’s incredible the work she does and she deeply cares. Since our work together, I have been on a spiritual journey that made me more aware of my emotions. Thank you for your wisdom and love Jess."

Thamara P, Auckland, NZ

"I had my first Thetahealing session with Jessica and I absolutely can not thank her enough for the amazing experience!! So much joy and gratitude, from the bottom of my heart, that it is hard to explain!! She made me feel so much better and made me realise how amazing life could be!! I’m really thankful and will definitely do it again!! Thank you, Jessica."

Natalia A, Sydney, AUS

"Jess is an exemplary professional with incredible sensitivity and a soul of pure love and empathy.

She helped me to reframe many of the beliefs and old patterns I had, making everything that once caused pain and suffering to be released into a lot of lessons and love.

It's beautiful to see how much she does the work with her heart overflowing love. Thank you to this wonderful being of light who with all her wisdom and tranquillity knew and knows how to guide me in the most delicate moments of my life."


Inae C, Sydney, AUS

"I was having a very challenging day, with some internal processes running through my skin.

Jess helped me with a Multidimensional Therapy session. On the same day, I felt relieved from all the feelings that had surfaced. It was like taking an energetic bath of peace.

On the day after I woke up happy, inspired and confident.

Jessica is always very affectionate and caring.

Thank you for so much, dear soul, you are pure light!"


Bruna A, Mt Maunganui, NZ

"I had a Multidimensional Therapy session with Jessica which was amazing! She took me on a deep dive that I didn't expect! After the session I slept so deeply that I felt in other dimensions, I woke up feeling light and ready to start my day with energy! I really felt the healing and I highly recommend Jessica's work, which is done with a lot of love and kindness."

Ellen N, Brazil

- Jessica Erler -
Master Healer & Coach

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